Who We Are

A team of professionals with over 35 years experience working in Executive Management and operations of top hotel/casinos, charity and fund raising programs, sports and entertainment, development and operating cutting edge technologies, industry leading expertise in marketing and promotions and access to industry influencers, decision makers, and top government officials.

We specialize in customized cost effective business strategies and solutions in corporate financing and fund raising including charitable programs, marketing and promotions, operations, Internet services including web design, merchant processing and payroll services with the industry leaders.

Our Experience

Our many years of experience provide us with the knowledge to bring a large suite of business friendly tools that will assist your business in achieving its objectives and goals in a cost effective and timely manner.

We can provide access to industry leading contacts, decision makers and influencers that can expedite any business without the many years of trial and error and huge development costs.

Our team of professionals are experienced and accomplished in the industries of technology, gaming, financing, marketing and promotions, entertainment and payment processing. Through our collective efforts we can provide any size company a customized action plan to fit their immediate goals and objectives.

Mission Statement

Sharing over 35 years' experience in successful operations, marketing, promotions and event planning, leading secure technology with inside access to worldwide industry leading contacts and companies.

Access to top professional sports stars for representation and charitable events.

Access to long time insiders in Hollywood for Marketing, Promotions, Product Placement, Production and celebrity representation.

Least expensive and most secure Merchant processing, financial consulting, payment solutions, customized Branded pre-loaded Visa cards, Payroll solutions, leading security technology.

Extensive experience working in Mainland China in Operations, Game development, finances, Marketing and promotion,TV production and Government protocols.